With every Gobble Guts meal we aim to free up your time so you can spend it with your little ones

Katie & Sam – Gobble Guts Co-founders

We are busy working parents to two kids under three. We’ve learnt that parenthood is filled with questions – is it normal that my baby likes berries one day, and hates them the next? How much protein should my little one be eating? What about iron? We’ve also learnt that we aren’t the only ones with these questions, and parents, regardless of whether it’s their first or fourth baby, are always striving to do their best, including at meal times.

Our first born is a picky eater. When he began eating solids, we fed him pureed foods with little flavour variations for too long. We didn’t provide him with the opportunity to try new flavours and textures.  Now as a toddler, he refuses to try foods that aren’t shaped like a dinosaur or don’t look visually appealing in some way.

We quickly realised that when our daughter started eating solids, we needed to offer her variety. This meant spending valuable time in the kitchen creating flavour combinations which met her nutritional needs.  As working parents, we don’t always have the time to do this, and refuse to buy highly-processed jars and pouches from the store. We believe good nutrition should be accessible to everyone. When it comes to your baby’s health, what goes into their guts is critical to their development.

That’s why we created Gobble Guts, a comprehensive nutrition solution to make you feel good about the food you are providing to your little ones. As parents, we not only want to be providing the best food, but also the right food, and (hopefully) make your life just that little bit easier.

GG Nutritionist

Kara Moore – Gobble Guts Nutritionist

Kara is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc) who is passionate about helping others achieve their optimal health. She is fascinated by the link between the food we eat daily and the effect that it has on our health, especially in terms of our gut and microbiome, immune function and nervous system.

Kara firmly believes having a strong nutritional foundation during the early years, with exposure to a diverse range of foods and flavours, will help to shape good long term eating habits and set your little ones up for a healthy and happy life.